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Puppy Placement Policy

Maremma Sheepdogs thrive in homes, farms and ranches using them as working livestock guardian dogs.  If you do not have livestock or are just wanting a family dog, you are not eligible to purchase a Maremma puppy from us.  Our desire is for the puppies to be happy in their new environment and their future owners pleased with their choice.

The first step to reserving one of our Maremma puppies is to complete our puppy questionnaire.  It helps give us some information to see if one of our puppies is a right fit for you. 

After we receive your completed puppy questionnaire form, we will contact you to discuss your details determining if your home, farm or ranch is the right fit for one of our Maremma puppies.  Upon both parties agreeing that one of the Ewe Crew Homestead Maremma puppies would be a good fit, we request a $500.00 non-refundable deposit to hold the puppy; balance is due upon scheduled pick-up.  No puppy is held or guaranteed until deposit is received. We will do our best to honor requests for a specific puppy but other factors such as temperament, farm/ranch setting and livestock to be guarded will be considered before making a puppy placement.

Age of Placement

Our puppies start to be rehomed between 14-16 weeks of age.  The first few months of a puppy’s life are the most critical for learning.  They learn how to be livestock guardian dogs from both of their parents.  Learning proper dog socialization skills, such as bite inhibition from their litter mates and parents.  An incredible amount of learning also happens from being immersed with livestock from an early age.

Here at the Ewe Crew Homestead, we prefer to keep the puppies longer for health and safety reasons.  Puppies are at great risk to diseases such as canine parvovirus and distemper.  We prefer to keep the puppies until they have had most of their puppy vaccines and have built strong immune systems.  Because our puppies are going to be exposed to livestock that might not be used to dogs yet; as well as large predators, it is in the best interest of the puppy to let them get a little bigger before they leave here. 

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